Bring the Fire Back to Life

The Phoenix is a versatile wood-burning fire bowl, perfect for any yard or patio. It’s easy to move from one spot to another and is big enough for gatherings with friends but also great for just a small family affair.

Experience amazing fires in a modern design that makes the perfect backyard centerpiece! Proudly made in the U.S.A., the Extreme Fire Phoenix Firepit is perfect for any sized outdoor gathering. From big parties to a small group of friends, the 24” wide-open bowl makes the fire easily seen and enjoyed. It's also easy to light and maintain the fire, giving you a full night of carefree fun.

The Phoenix’s sleek design makes it attractive even when not lit, creating an enviable backyard feature. The Phoenix’s fire bowl is made from highly durable 1/4” Carbon steel. The base is 16-gauge hot-rolled steel. Both will develop an attractive natural patina that will help protect the fire pit from the elements so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

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Phoenix Sell Points

Make a Statement

  • An artistic/modern look that accents any back yard
  • Develops a natural beautiful patina without harm to the fire pit
  • Built for years of beauty and enjoyment
  • Easy to light, easy to maintain the fire for all night enjoyment.
  • The perfect size for your gathering.
  • Fire is easily seen from all vantage points
    due to the openness of the bowl.
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